Perfect for group retreats! 

We're not just for kids and families, even college students love our place!


Review #6056572 Perfect for group retreats!

I planned a group retreat for a large Tulane organization, and our stay at Juneau Safari Resort was perfect! We comfortably fit 20 students in the Treehouses and cabins, and we loved the Safari that came along with our stay. We were incredibly pleased with the lodging accomodations - the treehouses were stunningly beautiful, comfortable, and exciting! The rope bridge was certainly added excitement. There was plenty of space for group work, and we were able to break out into smaller groups to get work done and get to know each other. The Safari was the perfect break in the middle of our activities. I never expected to see zebras, peacocks, and water buffalo (among with several other exotic animals) in Lousiana. Lake Juneau Safari Lodge was perfect for our retreat, and several of us have been talking about coming back at a later date. I would whole heartedly reccommend staying here to groups of all ages, or a smaller family trip or romantic getaway. We enjoyed our stay and can't wait to be back! 


RE: 5th Grade Sacred Heart field trip on Feb. 28

Notes from the chapperone:

The tour was very enjoyable.  The kids, the parents, and everyone involved were so complementary of the preparation by your staff.  They were very helpful and accommodating. The fifth graders and their parents want you to know that this was their most enjoyable field trip ever!
Thank you for everything.  We will be sending an article to the Weekly News and The Church Today which will include pictures.


From a recent visitor!

RE: This weekend safari camp


I cannot thank you enough for thinking of me last week when the tree-house vacancy came up.  We had an AMAZING time this past weekend!  I just couldn't believe that we were able to have such an experience, much less within 2 hours from our home!  Lauri was super helpful with getting us acquainted to the surroundings and making sure that we had what we needed.  She even let my kids go with her to feed the animals - which they thoroughly enjoyed. Ronnie was also great - very informative about the animals and such a nice host on the game drive.  I felt like I was in paradise!  My favorites included sitting on the deck and watching the humming birds swarm (I have never seen that many come so close) and listening to the birds - they were so talkative in the morning.  It sounded like there was an extended conversation going on!  Then, when it was time to leave on Sunday, my 6-y.o. daughter, Allie, said "I feel like I felt when we had to leave Disney World". We all agreed with her! Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to have such a unique and wonderful experience!


A very sad day at Lake Juneau. Little Rickey has passed away. May he rest in peace.


The LJ staff and the entire Juneau family are very sad to have to tell you that we lost our favorite animal yesterday. Little Ricky (our giraffe) passed away for unknown reasons. To lose any bird or animal is very hard on us all but losing them in the prime of life is especially difficult. Little Ricky was just truly coming into his own and was the highlight of the festival a few weeks ago. We just wanted all to know and to ask you to say an extra prayer for our beloved favorite.

As a final tribute I would like to ask that you share your favorite story about Ricky. Mine is as recent as 2 months ago while riding with my 3 year old granddaughter, Caroline, around the lake. We stopped to see Ricky and up until that time he had only let people get close but not close enough to actually touch him. When he saw Caroline he immediately came up to us and actually laid his head on her lap. What an incredible experience for all of us...including after that he began allowing people to feed him his favorite snack and "rub his horns" for African luck.

We will miss him dearly. :(

Please share your story.


A message from a Safari Park B&B guest:

Review #5027963 Impressed

We were impressed!! When we decided to stay at the Exotic Wildlife Lodge and Safari Park in Central Louisiana we were a little concerned that the "Safari" would turn out to be a few deer and a couple of squirrels. What we found was an amazing variety of exotic animals that can be seen in Africa and other countries, roaming as they would on a safari. The owners of the property are clearly committed to the welfare and advancement of these amazing animals. Our hosts were wonderful!! They made us feel so at home and went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed as well as to educate us on the animals. By the time we left, we felt they were more "friends" than "hosts". (Jacob still talks about the crawfish.) Our sons enjoyed the petting zoo, talking birds, and the friendliest camel you will meet anywhere. But, unanimously, our favorite experience was feeding the kangaroos and seeing the baby kangaroo in his mother's pouch. While making pancakes one morning, I was able to watch the giraffe and a couple of zebra stroll by below. Not something you get to experience everyday! The accommodations (treehouses) are very comfortable and further enhance the safari experience. We would certainly recommend this place to anyone with children (even our 16 yr old enjoyed it). We look forward to returning. Thanks for everything Juli, Stewart, and Kyle!


Lake Juneau does Mardi Gras!

Our float one 1st Place in the Simmesport Parade!


What a ride! The attached are some pics from the Morning Advocate in Alexandria. Ours was surely the best float as it is the only one that made the papers! :)

also received the following by email last night and the email kind of says it all:
From: Kendra <>
Date: February 12, 2012 5:20:16 PM CST
Subject: the safari park
PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is a place where the public can come? Do let the public buy tickets to come in and see your fabulous animals and go on safari tours? Do you let schools purchase tickets for the children to come your facility on school trips? My name is Kendra Van Cleef. I am so excited after searching for your website after someone told me you may have had a float in the Mardi Gras parade ... Please let me know.
Kendra Van Cleef
Bringing our mission to the public is a great and good thing. Thanks to all of you for being such an integral part of all of our gift to the residents of Avoyelles Parish.
Thanks again to you all for your participation.
PS. If you have any pics please send them to me so we can include on our website. :)



FFA State Officers Winter meeting

Hello Everyone,


I know that your pockets are filled with “thank you’s”, but I will add another one. Thank you for allowing the state FFA officers and David, Caitlin and me to have our very important winter meeting at Lake Juneau. We accomplished all of our goals that we set for this meeting. You not only took time to house us, but you fed us like kings and queens. The chance to mix and mingle with LaSAS students was great. Bringing Mr. Linus and Mr. Lucien was a plus as our officers enjoyed the stories shared by both gentlemen.


When you received your new FFA jackets, it reminded me of our old days at Bordelonville which is of course a great memory. Thanks for your continued support. We will send you an official invitation to the state FFA convention which is June 5 through 9, 2012 in Alexandria. We are sending you a tentative draft of the convention “Schedule of Events”. This was part of our work this weekend.


BLAST OFF 2012 is June 10 thru 14, 2012. Please put us on your calendar for that week. We will arrive Sunday PM and leave Thursday PM.




Ronald N. Mayeux, Ph.D.

Executive Secretary

Louisiana FFA Association

124 Old Forestry Building

Baton Rouge, LA 70803


225-578-0802 (fax)



Make a Wish Foundation Turkey Hunt

This weekend we held our annual Girls Turkey Hunt for the Make a Wish Foundation.   Thankfully the weather was perfect and everyone had a great time.  Special thanks to the Louisiana State Troopers Association.



HEF takes the Safari on the road!

The kids and teachers took the time to make this video slide show of Neil's visit to Brusly Elementary. 


Avoyelles Society of the Mentally Disadvantaged

This group had a blast with Mike showing them around!  Even the camel got into the action!


FFA Training Session

We recently hosted a training session with a group of Kids from the FFA at the Safari Park with great success!



Southeastern Game Ranchers Extravaganza

What a great event!  We had over 200 people attend the game ranchers conference at Lake Juneau this year.  Read more about it on the



Check out our article in Louisiana Life Magazine!

The Safari Park was recently featured in Louisiana Life Magazine.  Check it out here.



Grand Opening of the Lake Juneau Safari Park

Our Safari Park opened to much fanfare in 2006! 

 See the write-up in the Marksville Weekly News here.