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Friday, March 30, 2012 at 4:52PM
Lori Anderson

Review #5027963 Impressed

We were impressed...so impressed!! When we decided to stay at the Exotic Wildlife Lodge and Safari Park in Central Louisiana we were a little concerned that the "Safari" would turn out to be a few deer and a couple of squirrels. What we found was an amazing variety of exotic animals that can be seen in Africa and other countries, roaming as they would on a safari. The owners of the property are clearly committed to the welfare and advancement of these amazing animals. Our hosts were wonderful!! They made us feel so at home and went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed as well as to educate us on the animals. By the time we left, we felt they were more "friends" than "hosts". (Jacob still talks about the crawfish.) Our sons enjoyed the petting zoo, talking birds, and the friendliest camel you will meet anywhere. But, unanimously, our favorite experience was feeding the kangaroos and seeing the baby kangaroo in his mother's pouch. While making pancakes one morning, I was able to watch the giraffe and a couple of zebra stroll by below. Not something you get to experience everyday! The accommodations (treehouses) are very comfortable and further enhance the safari experience. We would certainly recommend this place to anyone with children (even our 16 yr old enjoyed it). We look forward to returning. Thanks for everything Juli, Stewart, and Kyle!


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