From a recent visitor!
Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 12:16PM
Lori Anderson

RE: This weekend safari camp


I cannot thank you enough for thinking of me last week when the tree-house vacancy came up.  We had an AMAZING time this past weekend!  I just couldn't believe that we were able to have such an experience, much less within 2 hours from our home!  Lauri was super helpful with getting us acquainted to the surroundings and making sure that we had what we needed.  She even let my kids go with her to feed the animals - which they thoroughly enjoyed. Ronnie was also great - very informative about the animals and such a nice host on the game drive.  I felt like I was in paradise!  My favorites included sitting on the deck and watching the humming birds swarm (I have never seen that many come so close) and listening to the birds - they were so talkative in the morning.  It sounded like there was an extended conversation going on!  Then, when it was time to leave on Sunday, my 6-y.o. daughter, Allie, said "I feel like I felt when we had to leave Disney World". We all agreed with her! Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to have such a unique and wonderful experience!

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