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The Lake Juneau Safari Park is located in Avoyelles Parish, LA near Marksville only 5 miles off LA Hwy 1.  It is approximately a 3 hour drive from New Orleans, LA.

NOTE: Please ensure your GPS is set to the quickest/fastest route instead of shortest.  The shortest route may put you on substandard roads through the back of Simmesport.  The proper route will keep you on Hwy. 1 well through Simmesport.


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Lake Juneau Safari Park

710 Lake Juneau Lane, Moreauville, LA 71355


  1. I-10 West towards Lafayette
  2. Exit #151 Lobdell (just after crossing Baton Rouge bridge over Mississippi River)
  3. Go right at exit on LA 415 and proceed for 15 miles (415 curves left at 3 mile & runs into Hwy 190)
  4. At 15 miles, turn right on LA 1 towards New Roads/Marksville (large sign)
  5. At 39 miles turn right on LA 451
  6. Go .7 miles and turn Left at stop sign by levy
  7. Turn right immediately at next dirt road (Layton Coco Crossing) that goes up over levy. (if you passed little white church and graveyard, you went too far, turn back)
  8. You will go over a small wooden bridge.  Just after you cross it, go left at the stop sign 
  9. See the Tiger and immediately turn right there, at mailboxes (see mailbox with 710 Lake Juneau Lane-that is US!!).  FOLLOW THIS GRAVEL ROAD.
  10. .7 miles road curves left at "Cajun Camp" (Camp manager's home)
  11. Pass new 2-story raised lodge on right
  12. Enter Linus' Safari Park gate & drive over cattle guard
  13. You have now entered the Walking Zoo-look for Little Ricky, zebras and antelope.  Listen for jungle drums.  You know you are getting close.
  14. You will see the Children's Tented Village on the right
  15. You're almost there.  See Our Tented Safari Camp on right- Whooo Hoooooo!!!!!

 POINTS OF INTEREST (subject to change as new ones develop!!!!)

  •  False River:  One of the first colonies discovered by the french explorer Iberville and the main channel of the Mississippi River at that time. 
  • After #6. as you travel about 7.7 miles, you will be in the mesmerizing city of Morganza.  Look right and you will see 3 abandoned storefronts in a row.  One of which was the site of the restaurant in Easy Rider (remember, they ate there and flirted with the local girls leading Jack Nicholson to be killed that night in Louisiana, but that's certainly no statement on the local environs, then or now!!) 


Click here for printable driving directions.

(from East of the Mississippi River)